Laugh it off.

They say the most important things are the hardest to say,
And here I am wondering if that’s okay.
Because it’s not all words that are to express,
The beam on your face does speak the best.

I’ve always been the person with the trees to sway,
I’ve always been the person to watch the autumn leaves fly away.
They speak no word when they are falling to the ground,
And they speak no word on the branches they are found.

I think it’s human to be out of words sometimes,
I think it’s okay to shy away out of line.
Coz what special would it be to laugh the hardest when you’re delighted,
What difference would a hug make to console the one who has wounded.

A hint of frown can say it all,
The radiance of a smile can mysteries solve.
So when you’re down just laugh it off to the core,
And see the courage you get to fight away all that’s sore.


To make it ethereal.

She knew in her gut that the coming days were gonna be blissful.
For she had been waiting for them since when she could not remember.
She went and took a look at the sky and saw the dark clouds gather.
But she didn’t care and still felt a smile curl up on her lips.
It was the happiness nothing could have changed.

She felt like it was the day people say.
That comes only after some seasons sway.
She felt like she had earned it. Waiting for this day had took her on in every way. But she never stopped waiting for it.
She let that thought go away and began thinking about what was yet to come. The happiness. The magic.

It was the feeling she never wanted to let go of.
She wanted to feel every nerve in her body.
For it was long until it would come back again.
She wanted the moment to slow down and at the same time, she couldn’t wait for it to come.

She had always felt that the happy days are short lived.
These are the days you yearn for and in no time they are gone.
And then you yearn for them yet again, but when they come it feels like magic.
These days make you feel spell bound.

Today was the day she felt, she was going to take it slow
Even though she could not slow down this bewitching time which was approaching.
She was going to be so grateful for it that it would not feel like she has to earn it anymore.
She was going to stop the time and make it last as long as she could, until it comes back time and again.
She was going to make it ethereal.

The Healer


Seldom do I get attached to something so quick.

Except music.
I feel that there is enough music in the world for each of us to swing our heads along and glee away.
I feel, there is a song for all of us.
I’ve always been the kind of person to build castles of thought and dreams just based on the music I’m listening to.
Whether I was feeling too cold, or too fuzzy and warm, when I had music I felt like I’ve got something to share my feelings with.
There were times when I was feeling under the rock and listening to a song just brought me back.
And sometimes they clicked to me so well that they put me at awe.
They also happened to give me a great company along a long road of travel.
It was like they gave me something to look forward to. It was like I gain energy out of them
It was like they healed me.

Cheer away!

I was told to be a little more attentive.
By the self help book I read,by my mother,
And everybody else around me seemed to tell me the same thing.
So here I was jogging on a familiar route, where I had been coming everyday, with loud music playing in my ears.
Playing through my iPhone, it had been my best friend since a year, since the day I bought it.
My alliance with music, extending from a period long before that.
But today, I had decided to keep my iPhone in my pocket, along with the pair of earphones within which I found my closest confidante.
So there I was feeling inept walking on my familiar route, but ALWAYS with my music.
When I was young, I had thought of myself to be a keen observer glancing and noticing little things like the deflated tyres of a moving car and a neighborhood stray dog going missing suddenly, you know, things like that.
These are the same things that the people around me always failed to notice.
But then, as I grew up, I began letting go of this habit. Of course, I was becoming a teenager and had a lot many important things to do otherwise.
Trying to do the same thing today, reminded me of my childhood days and I cursed myself for letting go of that habit.
Suddenly, I realized that,having let go of the constant sound in my ears has already begun to help me.
I was beginning to think again, this being the first step on being a keen observer.
The jog that day not only helped clear my mind but also made me understand so many things that it made me feel like it was the ultimate jog. The jog of insight. I know, it sounds a little funny. 
I noticed a girl, she might have been a little older than I was, trying to cross the road.
This was a busy road, where heavy vehicles sped away during the day as well as the night. But surely, it wasn’t that hard that it would require her to wait intently for her turn to walk, and stare at the road like it was the busiest road of the world.
I began watching her. Every time she tried to run ahead quickly trying to dodge a vehicle, she stepped back afraid that it might hit her. I knew that she couldn’t have been as slow as an old lady, that she was questioning whether or not she should step ahead.
She was trying to be too careful, not to make a mistake.
That day, at that time, I saw fear in her eyes, not allowing her to speed ahead. It was as if, the fear had held her feet, not allowing her to break free of it, even though she wanted to.
I kept looking at her, cheering for her in my mind that she could do it. And suddenly, I saw her facing up, gathering all her strength and walking straight right through her fear.
It felt somewhat similar, Right?
  Yes, this girl is in all of us.
Your’s might be afraid of taking big responsibilities, or standing up for yourself against the crowd or even afraid of change.
We just need to take a long walk to get to know her and help her stand up to face that what she is afraid of. Just cheer her away!

Those Precarious Eyes!

I’ve heard the masses say
All the time, with dismay
‘Its okay to run aground
One day, success will be found’

‘Go ahead and taste the dust
Don’t let it lose your zest’
They say with eyes stooping down
Expressing something else with their frown

The way their eyes move away
Tell us what, they want to convey
Trying to hide their doubtful view
Not knowing of our virtue

Don’t let them make your mind sway
You’re better than that, you know, all the way
A shining diamond needs a thousand cuts

To glisten lustrously, it’s a stone at first


The Nightmare Of Reality

I lay all silent in a lonely room
And I hear a thousand voices to feel it’s doom
They shout, they cry
They praise, they deny
But as I turn around to look for them
They disappear like they never began.

They were evil and they were loud
They were disturbing as if they growled
A quick thought about who they might be
And my eyes feel heavy like they can’t see

When I look down at my hands and feel them shiver
I suddenly realize there’s nothing I can hear
So it gets all quiet and it’s a tad eerie
But I cuddle up in my bed because I feel so weary

So I decide to rest and feel it’s all my imagination
Who can enter a locked room and create such destruction?
I make my mind understand that it’s probably what it is
Just when I close my eyes I feel my brain freeze


In my deep sleep, I encounter a dream
It gets spooky again and I want to scream
I see a storm coming and a dozen eagles fly
They gawk at me as if I’m guilty and they flee so high

I wake up in alarm. Whats the cause of this horrifying nightmare?
And think about the dream, even though it’s causing me to scare
I feel so crazy in this broad bright day
And I notice there’s no one to who I could say

I think about the dream and the voices I gather
They seem to be expressing the same thing altogether
They’re the emotions in my heart find a way to escape
They’re the thoughts in my head wanting my attention, they gape

They’re all who I am, I then realize
They were speaking my feelings, I’m taken by surprise
If only I’d listened when they weren’t so sore
My reality would differ and it wouldn’t hurt so much more.